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Clean, Combustible Fuel

AXOS Energy is a Canadian Women-Owned company that specializes in providing smart solutions for progressive companies wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net zero emission targets.

Our goal is to be a leader in supplying clean combustible fuel solutions and be a major contributor in reducing greenhouse gasses and your overall carbon footprint. AXOS recognizes the importance of the changing landscape for clean energy to support rigorous commitments for a sustainable, greener future. AXOS is committed to helping companies reach their net zero, carbon reduction goals by providing sustainable fuels that will significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Women Owned

A Canadian Women-Owned Enterprise

AXOS Energy is proud to be a Canadian Women-Owned Enterprise located in Ontario, Canada.

Start Reaching Your Carbon Reduction Goals Today!

Make the

Reduced Emissions

Low-Carbon fuels are the key to reducing carbon emissions today in the cars, trucks, boats and heavy machinery we use today. Experience 80+% in reduction of harmful emissions.

Direct Drop-In

Clean Fuels are a direct drop in meaning no alterations need to be made to your fuel system nor your equipment. Clean Fuels can be used as a replacement for your current fuel.

Fuel Savings

Bio and Renewable fuels provide you with significant fuel savings opportunities. To see how you can save, give our calculator a try today!
What can clean fuels do for your business?

Carbon Reduction Savings Calculator

Use our calculator to see how switching to clean fuels can impact your fleet’s emission output, and increase profitability through fuel cost savings.


Select Your Fuel Application

First, begin by choose your fuel application.

Choose Your Preferred Fuel Unit

Next. choose your preferred fuel unit, so the calculator can output accurate information, pertaining to your usage.

Enter Your Annual Fuel Usage

Enter your annual number of "units". For example, if you chose Litres in the fuel unit selector, enter your total number of litres used annually (ex: 100,000).

Select How Much of Your Fuel You Would Like to Convert

Finally, select your desired level of fuel to convert. As a guideline, most OEM’s allow up to 20% conversion to a Clean Fuel ex. B20 BioDiesel

Approx Cost Savings:

Approx CO2 Emissions Reduction:

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