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Clean Fuels for the Marine Industry

Set Sail Towards Sustainability with Clean Fuels

In the vast expanse of the marine industry, sailing towards success means embracing innovation. AXOS Energy is your partner in sustainable marine solutions. Our clean fuels offer a myriad of benefits, propelling your vessels towards a cleaner, greener horizon.

Key Benefits:

Environmental Preservation

  • Reduce marine pollution and protect delicate ecosystems.
  • Clean fuels significantly lower emissions of sulfur, particulate matter, and greenhouse gases, ensuring cleaner oceans for generations to come.

Cost Efficiency

  • Experience substantial fuel savings compared to traditional marine fuels.
  • Optimize your operational costs and enhance profitability with clean fuels.

Engine Performance & Reliability

  • Clean fuels offer excellent combustion properties, leading to smoother engine performance.
  • Increase the lifespan of your marine engines and reduce maintenance expenses.

Compliance and Reputation

  • Stay ahead of stringent environmental regulations and demonstrate corporate responsibility.
  • Enhance your reputation as an environmentally conscious maritime operator, attracting eco-minded customers and partners.

Energy Security

  • Diversify your fuel sources and reduce dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Clean fuels are domestically produced, contributing to national energy independence and security.

Global Sustainability Goals

  • Align with international efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable development.
  • Contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet by choosing biofuels for your maritime journeys.

Chart a Course Towards Sustainability with Clean Fuels Today!

Join the ranks of leading maritime companies that are navigating towards a brighter future with clean fuels.

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What does this mean for you?

Clean fuels offer a tremendous opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, while saving you on fuel costs in the process. See for yourself!

Quick Takeaways: Clean fuels

Drop-In Fuel - No Changes to Existing System

Reduced Maintenance, More Power

What can clean fuels do for your Marine business?

Carbon Reduction Savings Calculator

Use our calculator to see how switching to clean fuels can impact your fleet’s emission output, and increase profitability through fuel cost savings.


Select Your Fuel Application

First, begin by choose your fuel application.

Choose Your Preferred Fuel Unit

Next. choose your preferred fuel unit, so the calculator can output accurate information, pertaining to your usage.

Enter Your Annual Fuel Usage

Enter your annual number of "units". For example, if you chose Litres in the fuel unit selector, enter your total number of litres used annually (ex: 100,000).

Select How Much of Your Fuel You Would Like to Convert

Finally, select your desired level of fuel to convert. As a guideline, most OEM’s allow up to 20% conversion to a Clean Fuel ex. B20 BioDiesel

Approx Cost Savings:

Approx CO2 Emissions Reduction:

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