Clean Fuels

What are Clean Fuels?

The Next Generation of Fuel

The race to Net Zero has never been more important than now. That’s why so many companies are finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint, enforce sustainable practices and become more efficient.

One area that is challenging the way we reduce carbon emissions is the transportation and the heavy-duty machinery sector. Finding an electric bulldozer for example is just not possible right now but many environmentally conscious companies still want a way to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Solution: Clean Fuels

Clean fuels are fuels that are chemically identical to petroleum diesel except it is made from biomass instead of crude. It can be used in its pure form or blended with petroleum diesel. It is odourless, colourless, and delivers many incredible benefits such as improved mileage, reduced lifecycle emissions by 80+%, compatible with diesel engines and so much more.

Clean fuels provide a solution for the environment, your fleets efficiencies, and can be seamless integrated into your existing fueling program without any modifications or waiting months if not years for the next solution.

Clean fuels have many advantages over its distant relative, petroleum diesel. But what are the true differences?

Petroleum Diesel vs. Clean Fuel

Clean fuels are a newer product, especially in Canada, but once you understand its benefits and what makes it so unique, it truly becomes the obvious choice. Petroleum diesel uses crude oil that is derived from the earth and then refined through a hydrogenation process and made into the fuel we use in our vehicles today. Clean fuel in contrast is derived from renewable sources such as vegetable oils, animal fats, and other biomass feedstocks and processed similarly to standard diesel which gives it the same chemical makeup.

With a more sustainable process, feedstock and benefits, it’s clear to see why so many are switching to clean fuels.

How Can Clean Fuels Help You?

More Benefits of using clean fuels

Reduced Lifecycle Emissions by 80+%

Odourless, Colourless, Clean Burning

Drop-In Fuel - No Changes to Existing System

Reduced Maintenance, More Power