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Clean fuels for the Farming Industry

Harvest the Benefits of Clean Fuels in Your Farming Business

In the dynamic landscape of modern agriculture, cultivating success requires innovation. AXOS Energy is your partner in sustainable farming solutions. Our clean fuels offer a range of benefits, not only elevating your farm’s performance but also nurturing a greener tomorrow.

Key Benefits:

Environmental Stewardship

  • Reduce your farm’s carbon footprint and showcase a commitment to sustainable agriculture.
  • Clean fuels significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, fostering a healthier environment.

Cost Effective Farming

  • Experience substantial savings on fuel costs compared to traditional fossil fuels.
  • Explore potential government incentives and grants, enhancing your financial viability.

Equipment Efficiency

  • Clean fuels provide excellent engine performance, leading to increased efficiency.
  • Enhance the lifespan of your farm equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

Domestic Energy Source

  • Diversify your energy sources and contribute to national energy security.
  • Clean fuels are domestically produced, promoting self-sufficiency in energy production.

Crop Resilience

  • Clean fuels contribute to the health of your soil, promoting crop resilience.
  • Create a sustainable farming cycle that benefits both your harvest and the environment.

Partnership with Nature

  • Align your farming practices with the principles of sustainable and regenerative agriculture.
  • Cultivate a positive reputation as a responsible steward of the land.

Cultivate a Greener Future Today with Clean Fuels!

Join the ranks of forward-thinking farmers who are reaping the rewards of sustainable agriculture with clean fuels.

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What does this mean for you?

Clean fuels offer a tremendous opportunity in the farming industry, to reduce your carbon footprint, while saving you on fuel costs in the process. See for yourself!

Takeaways: Clean Farming Fuels

Substantial Savings on Fuel Costs vs Traditional Fuel

Significantly Lower Green house gas emissions

What can clean fuels do for your farming business?

Carbon Reduction Savings Calculator

Use our calculator to see how switching to clean fuels can impact your emission output, and increase profitability through fuel cost savings.


Select Your Fuel Application

First, begin by choose your fuel application.

Choose Your Preferred Fuel Unit

Next. choose your preferred fuel unit, so the calculator can output accurate information, pertaining to your usage.

Enter Your Annual Fuel Usage

Enter your annual number of "units". For example, if you chose Litres in the fuel unit selector, enter your total number of litres used annually (ex: 100,000).

Select How Much of Your Fuel You Would Like to Convert

Finally, select your desired level of fuel to convert. As a guideline, most OEM’s allow up to 20% conversion to a Clean Fuel ex. B20 BioDiesel

Approx Cost Savings:

Approx CO2 Emissions Reduction:

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